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Aramco's flagship publication, AramcoWorld, is recognized as a leading resource for nonpolitical coverage of the history, geography, arts, and cultures of Saudi Arabia and the wider Islamic world. Founded in 1949, AramcoWorld emphasizes how the interweaving of Eastern and Western cultures has shaped the past, present, and future of the region, the world, and the global energy industry.

The magazine is produced by our Public Affairs department six times yearly in both print and digital editions. To receive your free subscription to AramcoWorld, subscribe here.

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Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah

Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah is a magazine for retired employees and adult children of Saudi Aramco staff. Much of the content is user-generated, compiled from letters, articles, news clippings, and photos from readers all over the world.

The magazine includes historical photos that lend a unique perspective to life in the early years of the Saudi Aramco community. Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah also features articles by retirees about the company history and their contributions, along with content about retirement and the retirement lifestyle.

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The Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology

The Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology is published quarterly to provide our internal scientific and engineering communities with a forum for the exchange of ideas, and to acquaint the industry at large with the advancements being made at Saudi Aramco.

The magazine is authored by our engineers, scientists, geologists and other technical professionals who are engaged in mission-critical activities ranging from exploration and development to processing and marketing.

To view current and past issues of The Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology, please visit the publication’s website.

Additional resources

Our publications, along with the suite of resources found here, support our mission to operate in an environment that values openness, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

The Energy Within: A Photo History of the People of Saudi Aramco
The energy industry has shaped modern day Saudi Arabia. Almost as soon as exploration began, there were company photographers on the scene to document this momentous occasion in history.

With more than 250 images, this book portrays the challenging conditions faced by American and Saudi oil pioneers as they built a global energy giant who, to this day, relies on the strength of its people and their boundless “energy within."

Published by Saudi Aramco. ISBN 0-9601164-5-1, $16 hardback.

AramcoWorld Archive: 1950–2015
Browse Saudi Aramco’s flagship publication from the very beginning. View every issue in an online PDF format.