Ethics and governance

Our corporate governance

We set high standards of personal and professional behavior for ourselves as well as those with whom we conduct business.

From the diverse experience of our Board and Corporate Management team, to our regular reporting and independent auditing practices, our robust corporate governance ensures transparency, effective oversight and accountability at all levels of operation.


Compliance Program

Our Corporate Compliance department is responsible for the further development, support, and monitoring of the compliance program, and for following external legal and regulatory developments.

Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics Policies

Employees review our Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics Policies regularly. Ethics concerns from our employees or third parties can be clarified through our established communication and reporting channels.

Global Business Code of Conduct

Our Global Business Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to integrity, safety and environmental protection, personal privacy, the global marketplace, shareholders, and to the communities in which we operate.


We hold employees to a high level of ethical conduct and expect the same of our suppliers. Our Chief Auditor eHotline (provided below) is available to provide a secure and confidential venue (with an anonymous option) for people inside and outside the company to report suspected fraud, unethical conduct, and business irregularities.

Click here to access the eHotline