Technical services


Our technical services team locates and develops the latest technologies to constantly improve safety, efficiency, and reliability across our entire organization.


We develop transformational downstream technology to enhance operational safety, reliability, and efficiency for our projects and for the industry at large.

Transformational Technology

Our contributions to Saudi Aramco support a company-wide dedication to innovation. Through energy research and technology development, we ensure our downstream operations stay at forefront of our industry.

Technology Development

We closely monitor industry developments to identify and nurture proven and emerging technologies. Through partnerships with service companies and academia, and by participating in joint industry task forces, we are focused on solving energy challenges.

Engineering Standards Development

Our engineers serve on several national and international standards-development committees. In addition to developing consensus-based industry best practices, rules, and regulations, committee participation enhances the knowledge we bring to Saudi Aramco's standards review committees as we develop and implement new company-specific guidelines.

We are proud members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Society of Automation (ISA), the American Petroleum Institute (API), and the Construction Industry Institute (CII), among others.

Downstream Research and Development

By participating in numerous joint industry task forces and research committees, we share our expertise and gain insight into evolving best-practices to advance the science and business of oil and gas processing and refining.

Additional Engineering Services

Our engineers also oversee the development and administration of selected contracts executed in North America; conduct special studies as requested by Saudi Aramco; collaborate with universities on research; and represent Saudi Aramco on national and international trade organizations and committees.

Through partnerships with service companies and academia, and by participating in joint industry task forces, Aramco Engineers are focused on solving energy challenges.

Project management services

Our project management teams (PMTs) support large-scale investments by Saudi Aramco in our Saudi Arabian operations. PMTs provide services ranging from technical reviews and contract administration to ongoing assessments on engineering, design, and construction.

Inspection unit

Our Inspection Unit is responsible for the quality of materials and products procured in the Americas for Saudi Aramco, joint ventures, and project teams.

Quality Assurance and Supplier Qualification

We conduct quality assessment surveys of all new suppliers and products, and we follow up with periodic reevaluations to ensure established standards are met.

Quality Control and Product Inspection

Product quality is verified through source inspections by internal QA/QC experts and third-party inspectors. We also maintain up-to-date specifications for all materials.

Quality Monitoring and Inspection Assessment

We regularly assess supplier quality control procedures through our Quality Monitoring program, which ensures that previously agreed upon criteria are met by every manufacturing partner.