Aramco completes acquisition of Esmax

Aramco completes acquisition of Esmax
Pictured at the transaction closing are Southern Cross Group Partner Raul Sotomayor, front left, and Aramco Europe President & CEO Mazin Dabbagh, front right. Back row, from left, are Southern Cross Group Partner Jaime Besa, Aramco Vice-President of Retail and Esmax Chairman Ziyad Juraifani, and Aramco International Retail Director Nader Al Douhan.

Aramco, one of the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals companies, has successfully completed the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in Esmax Distribución SpA (“Esmax”), a leading diversified downstream fuels and lubricants retailer in Chile.

Esmax has a national presence that includes retail fuel stations, airport operations, fuel distribution terminals and a lubricant blending plant.

The transaction, which was first announced in September 2023, represents Aramco’s first Downstream retail investment in South America, illustrates the attractiveness of this market, and supports the Company’s strategic goal to strengthen its Downstream value chain.  

Yasser Mufti, Aramco Executive Vice President of Products & Customers, said: “We are delighted to conclude the acquisition of Esmax and look forward to working with the outstanding team on the ground in Chile to achieve our shared ambitions. Aramco aims to be a primary global retail player and this deal combines our high quality products and services, including Valvoline lubricants, with the experience and quality of an established operator in Chile.”

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