Focusing on the role of offshore in sustainable energy

The 2021 Offshore Technology Conference
The world’s premier oil and gas show, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), resumed this year in a hybrid format with in-person and virtual events.

The world's premier oil and gas show, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), resumed this year in a hybrid format with in-person and virtual events. 

Aramco continued its support of the conference, August 16-19, which is sponsored by 13 industry organizations and societies covering all aspects of the energy industry.

Mohammad Haque
Mohammad Haque, Production Technology, Aramco Research Center-Houston, explains the process of increasing the mechanical strength of abundant in-Kingdom sand to make it strong enough to be used as a proppant for hydraulic fracturing treatments in support of domestic gas development for unconventional plays.

“Focus on the Future:  A Global Perspective on Offshore Energy” set the stage for discussions on the energy transition and how offshore exploration and production continues to achieve emissions reduction from operations with a look ahead at new investment and emerging energy opportunities.

Aramco's longtime support for OTC underscores the company's commitment to the offshore sector with its long-term investments, partnerships, research and development, and technology advances that has made it one of the world's leading reliable energy providers.

With Houston home to some of the largest offshore companies and energy-related supply and service companies, Aramco's offshore field investments and upgrades have far-reaching impact, both in Houston and globally.

Dung Phan
Dung Phan, Production Technology, Aramco Research Center-Houston, demonstrates the seamless workflow of an advanced drilling geomechanics software for real time wellbore stability analysis. The eight-module predictive software model was developed in-house and addresses challenges in drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and production in one seamless platform.

Through the years, Aramco's knowledge-sharing of technical advances and breakthrough research in areas such as drilling muds and cements, reservoir engineering methods, and subsurface sensing and control have been the mainstay of OTC's technical program and panel discussions.

For the second year, the company sponsored Energy4Me, a STEM outreach program developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and OTC.  Houston-area teachers were provided with a full day of workshops, hands-on training, and energy-related materials to take back into their classrooms.  Teachers toured the OTC exhibit floor to learn about the challenges of exploring for energy offshore and the latest technologies.

Aramco served as a Corporate Sponsor, technical program contributor, and exhibitor.

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