GPA Midstream Association recognizes Aramco Environmental Excellence, Safety, and Energy Conservation

Left to right: Joel Moxley, Tarik Basrawi and Bill Ward.
Tarik Basrawi, Manager, Technical Services, Aramco Americas (center), accepts awards on behalf of Aramco and its gas operations for safety, energy conservation, and environmental excellence during the 2021 GPA Midstream Association annual conference in San Antonio. Also pictured are Joel Moxley, President and CEO, GPA Midstream (left), and Bill Ward, Chairman of the Board, GPA Midstream (right).

As one of the world's largest integrated energy and chemical companies, Aramco has a role to play in building a lower carbon economy to support societal well-being and a greener environment.

Aramco has one of the lowest upstream carbon footprints in the industry, which is the result of leveraging advanced technologies and innovation to minimize flaring and emissions.  Aramco also recognizes its role, as an industry leader, to move strongly towards reducing emissions to address climate change. That includes investing in carbon capture, storage and utilization.

The Haradh Gas Plant is an exemplary embodiment of the company's commitment to environmental excellence and sustainability.  On its 100th anniversary, the GPA Midstream Association recognized the Haradh Gas Plant with the prestigious Environmental Excellence Award during its annual convention, held September 26, 2021, in San Antonio, Texas. “We are proud of being selected for this prestigious Environmental Excellence Award from a reputable organization that has been serving the energy industry since 1921.   This award reinforces Aramco's commitment to managing its environmental footprint associated with its operations,”  said Wail Al-Jafari, Executive Director, Southern Area Gas Operations.

The association selected the Haradh Gas Plant for its 2021 Environmental Excellence Award because of “several complementing environmental sustainability initiatives and innovative solutions…that resulted in greenhouse gas emission reductions and air quality management for the plant.”  In a press statement, the GPA Midstream Association noted “the project yielded significant operational efficiency enhancements while improving environmental emissions rates for the facility by reducing flaring and sulfur dioxide emissions.”

The Haradh Gas Plant, located 300 km southwest of Dhahran, came online in 2003 and is one of the major gas plants in Saudi Arabia. “We will continue to develop and deploy innovation, optimize our operations to manage GHG emissions, and invest in high-impact environmental projects to sustain the Haradh Gas Plant's environmental excellence and sustainability, for a greener environment,” said Fahad S. Al-Dossary, Manager, Haradh Gas Plant Department.

Aramco has been an active member of the GPA Midstream Association, in support of midstream industry standards and sharing technical knowledge and developments.  These awards recognize the company's increased footprint in the midstream sector; its ongoing commitment to operational excellence; and its role as an integrated energy company in all three stages of industry operations.

Members of the GPA Midstream Association are involved in the midstream sector of the energy industry, including the processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.  Aramco has diversified its portfolio to be globally leveraged farther down the value chain, placing emphasis on developing its midstream and downstream business by building and integrating a network of refineries and petrochemical facilities across suitable geographies.

Moreover, Aramco has received three awards in the fields of safety and energy conservation. In the coveted safety category, Saudi Aramco received two awards, Safety (International) and the Chairman's Award for Safety Improvement.  Furthermore, Aramco was the sole recipient of this year's Award for Energy Conservation.

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