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Aramco is actively pursuing nonmetallics to improve the efficiency and performance of its operations, and to move the company beyond traditional markets. We value our suppliers and the critical role they play in our supply chain. Find out more about our nonmetallic program advances, as well as opportunities to become a supplier for Aramco.

Nonmetallics, an innovative solution.

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Saudi Aramco looks to attract partners in key European cluster on second international nonmetallics symposium

Following up on an inaugural nonmetallics symposium in 2018 in Tokyo, 2019 saw Saudi Aramco recently host a number of industry specialists, alongside Plastipolis, in Lyon, France. A prominent forum host within Europe's nonmetallics sector, Plastipolis provided a key bridge between Saudi Aramco and potential investors.


TWI, Saudi Aramco and ADNOC open Nonmetallic Innovation Center in the UK

Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (AramcoTech), and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) on Monday officially opened the Nonmetallic Innovation Center (NIC) — a research center focused on innovation and advancing the use of nonmetallic industrial applications.


Saudi Aramco and Baker Hughes sign MOU for non-metallic materials production facility in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco and Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE)  today signed a memorandum of understanding  to create a new joint venture facility in Saudi Arabia to manufacture non-metallic materials which will be used in a variety of areas of the energy industry. This agreement supports Saudi Aramco’s strategy to play a leading role in accelerating the deployment of non-metallic materials globally.


Working to envision a nonmetallic future

Theme of first non-metallic symposium “Endless Possibilities by Chemical Integration”, serving as a platform for industry majors to exchange ideas on future nonmetallic business opportunities and showcase their development work.


F1 and Aramco

F1 and Aramco: real engineering excellence

As a Global Partner with F1, we share a commitment to driving real-world progress through engineering excellence that results in lower emissions, enhanced performance and expanded human potential. The use of nonmetallics, such as carbon fiber, has been critical to F1’s success. Aramco has been leading the charge in the development and deployment of nonmetallics in its own industry. Advancing nonmetallics will drive enhanced efficiency both on-track and across transport through light-weighting and enhanced performance.